DeltaP produces highest quality pressure regulators for many industrial applications. DeltaP Dome-Loaded Pressure Regulators offer; very high sensitivity for outlet pressure regulation, as well as low droop and lock-up pressure needed. Custom design capability is ideal for aerospace and defense applications where weight and geometrical shapes are important design criteria. DeltaP regulators are perfect for use in rocket engine testing, natural gas pipelines, facilities and laboratory applications.




  • Body: 316 Stainless Steel

  • Sealing Elements: Turcon PTFE, NBR 70 Shore or FKM 70 Shore

  • Remaining Parts: 316 Stainless Steel

Load Type: Dome

Inlet Pressure: 0 – 300 Bar

Outlet Pressure: 0 – 100 Bar

Flow Capacity (CV): 0 – 6.0

Port Size and Type: ¾’’ Let-Lok Female Fitting, ¾’’ NPTF

Fluid: Nitrogen, Helium (Other fluids can be implemented on demand.)

Low Droop and Lock-up Pressure

Weight: 3 kg. (Custom designs are available at higher or lower weights, for aircraft and rocket applications.)

Operating Temperatures: -45 °C to 100 °C

Custom design capability for any orifice size and flowrate requirement.